Within Balinese Hinduism, Barongs represent a special category of demons. Barongs represent the spirits of animals (other then humans). There are some Barongs, like Barong Ket, that the Balinese believe are primarily good in nature. Barong Ket is a mythical creature that has been described as resembling a cross between a lion and a tiger. Barong Ket is depicted, throughout Bali, in the very popular Barong Dance. In the Barong Dance, Barong Ket battles the evil powers of Rangda.

Several Barongs that are beleived to inhabit the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal and are believed to be capable of protecting the Sacred Monkey Forest, against evil spirits, include the Tiger, Boar, and Monkey (which are all depicted in statues located throughout the Sacred Monkey Forest). However, it is also believed that only temple priests have the ability to detect the presence of these Barongs as they wander through the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Within Balinese Hinduism, all Barongs (including Barong Ket) are believed to be capable of harming humans. As such, it is not uncommon for the Balinese to provide offerings to Barongs. Like other types of demons , Barongs are also sometimes believed to be incarnations of a Gods or Goddesses.